Saturday, 25 January 2014

I'm in love

Yes, I'm in love. With Burbage, with Hamlet? Not sure. Methinks they are two sides of the same coin. But first, in true theatre fashion, I shall set the scene.
We hurried over the bridge to the Globe. It's important to get there early for a good view of the stage. There was already quite a crowd there, but as we were young, and I am of smallish stature, the older people allowed us to push forward a bit. We still had a goodish time to wait, but I indulged myself in studying the audience. I have a secret desire to write, and am always making up plots around people I see. Some of the women had the most beautiful garments, trimmed with lace. There was a lot of fur on show too, as the weather proved cold. I've tried to draw a couple of the more fashionable people at the theatre. I had to guess the details, as I saw only tantalising hints of embroidered silk on sumptious velvets - most of the beautiful women were draped in great travel cloaks of fashionable sombre colours. It's strange to see, but they were cheek and jowl with some really common looking people. Pick-pockets, I wouldn't be surprised.
I will tell you about the behaviour of some of these people later, but mother is calling, and I needs must obey,

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Globe

Anne, Oliver and I are to visit The Globe tomorrow if it does not rain. We have our pennies, and our warm clothes to hand. I am so excited as we are to see Richard Burbage in Hamlet. I saw Hamlet a while ago, but it was not by Will Shakespeare, it might have been by Thomas Kyd, but I cannot now remember. I do remember it as a fast moving play, with great amounts of gore on the stage. I also remembered being disappointed, as we had to travel a goodly distance outside the walls to reach the theatre, and the play was very short. If Shakespeare's play is just a copy of Kyd's I shall not be too disappointed, as I shall be seeing Richard Burbage again, he of whom I dream in the warmth of my narrow bed.